Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Drakenhart Studios sincerely hopes that our visitors have a quality, educational, helpful, and useful experience while surfing our site and articles. While here we hope to encourage a like atmosphere through our Terms of Use and Policies.

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If you have any question about whether something is appropriate please see to the article I have provided links to, below, for your edification.

Drakenhart Studios may, at times, update or edit these Policies as needed. Please review this policy regularly to keep up to date with any changes.


Affiliate Obligations

Drakenhart Studios try to stay compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on testimonials and endorsements. All endorsements, reviews, testimonials on Drakenhart-Studio.net’s products, and services, as well as relationships between other types of content websites (forums, blogs, microblogs and other  Social Media channels) and Drakenhart Studios (Hope Bryant) must be clearly disclosed in a separate policy on the affiliate sites. FTC points out that “when there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product” it is imperative that such connection is “fully disclosed”. FTC deems the relationship in an endorser-sponsor light, and believes that the end user has the right to understand that one exists [full text here] (.pdf download from the FTC.gov website). We share the under-girding idea of this approach, and strongly encourage our affiliates to adhere to the FTC’s rules. We also reserve the right to terminate relationship with any non-compliant affiliates.

(Borrowed with permission from Affiliate Marketing Blog.)

Please see the Affiliate Disclosure Statement, and our Privacy Policy in regards to Third Party Advertisements / Advertisers, for more details.


(As TOS are heavily important, legally speaking, this page will be in constant updating to make sure as many aspects are covered.)