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Terms of Service

The following document outlines the terms of use of the Drakenhart Studios website and it's content and offered services. Please also review my Privacy Policy, and Copyright and Usage Policy.

Before using any services or products as listed on Drakenhart Studios, you must read, understand and agree to these terms. 

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Freelance Illustration Commission

Billing Structure

  • Rates are as listed on Artist and Clients.
    • This is based on an hourly wage, plus materials, applicable taxes, and due date requirements.
    • Rates can be adjusted depending on the amount of work required beyond the allotted amount. This will generally result in an increase of price dependant upon the nature of the increase and the time and materials required to finish the piece.
      • If it is due to unforeseen life events on my part, an increase will not happen.
  • Billing is project-based.
    • Half up front, half at completion - unless contracted otherwise.
  • Changes, updates, or modifications to the agreement, once initial work is started, will incur a fee of 5 USD per modification request.
    • Modifications may, depending on what is asked, may increase or decrease the time the work is to be completed, and thus the due date.
  • If a work exceeds 100 USD, a payment plan can be arranged to break the payments up into smaller sections.
    • If you miss a payment, it will be added to your next scheduled payment. 
    • If you miss the third payment, you will be contacted to discuss the issue and try to work something out. Life Happens.

Late Payment

  • If a payment to start the work is late, the work will not be started.
    • This can hamper due dates and extend te time needed to complete the work as contracted.
  • If the final payment is late, a fee of 50 USD per month will be charged to you in addition to the payment still pending, unless another vehicle is agreed upon within the contract, or negotiated before the work is completed.
    • If after six (6) months, payment is not forthcoming (within reason), the contract will be counted as VOID and any claims to the work are forfeited back to me in full.
  • I reserve the right to resell, modify and resell, or just modify the works as I see fit if payment is not forthcoming during the agreed upon date and time.

If you want something not listed on Artist and Clients, I am willing to negotiate - however, I have the right of refusal for any reasons. I also do not have to explain those reasons but may do so if I deem it necessary or helpful.