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Rebranding in Progress

Look Ma! Art! | 2017/11/25

My work on rebranding my YouTube channel, I realize that there is so much work I still need to do across my other social media accounts. Also, The number of searches I've done for new graphic templates made me realize that I'm not the only one looking for such resources!


YouTube Header banner, full szie.

My Youtube banner art incorporates several sketches into the design while highlighting the branding and description. I created a template from a kit-bash of several others. 

YouTube thumbnail template for my Videos.

The Thumbnail template took some time and a little experimentation to get done just right. I choose to work at a larger size with a higher dpi in order to retain crispness when it was reduced in size. This is a personal preference. I may modify it one more time in regards to the background glow behind the subtitle "Photo Manipulation Speed Paint".

NaNoWriMo 2017 Prep

Preparing for the sprints | 2017/10/30

As Halloween looms, the beginning of NaNoWriMo also looms. My last attempt succeeded, but a book wasn't properly finished. However, the world is much more developed. So in the essence of NaNo (starting fresh with a new story), I will try to take a different character and write from their perspective and experiences. 

Now the character I want to pick is one I've written before, however, I've always felt that the start if her story was a bit off and where I was going with it, although decent, was too... "Romance-like". Now, I don't have anything against Romances as a genre in general. I just don't prefer to read them, and my skills I writing them are hampered by that lack. It is my understanding that you write best that which you read most.

I will reinvigorate my Patreon campaign(s) with this new content and will be offering the development bibles for both the world and the characters to Patrons Only - until they are completed. Then my Patrons will get a discount on the completed items, and the first chance to buy them if they so choose.

That said, the novel will focus on Tarra Gassner, sister to Roland, and a non-shape shifter. Her derth of spiritual energies made her unsuitable for the Bonding. However, those same skills make her a vital asset to her community and used for intra-community politics wrangling. She runs off to the city, terrified of her father (and she's always been a daddy's girl - so that's extra tragic), and finds her place with the werewolves there.

Her more rural lifestyle didn't prepare her for the city life, to be sure. Her special skills make her a target for more than one group of werewolves and other supernatural things. She's had to struggle to forge her own path, and yet she is still regulated to a second-class citizen among her people because she isn't a shapeshifter.

This leaves he open to being poached by other groups.

The question is... will she be able to maintain her honor code, or will she succumb?