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Rebranding in Progress

Look Ma! Art! | 2017/11/25

My work on rebranding my YouTube channel, I realize that there is so much work I still need to do across my other social media accounts. Also, The number of searches I've done for new graphic templates made me realize that I'm not the only one looking for such resources!


YouTube Header banner, full szie.

My Youtube banner art incorporates several sketches into the design while highlighting the branding and description. I created a template from a kit-bash of several others. 

YouTube thumbnail template for my Videos.

The Thumbnail template took some time and a little experimentation to get done just right. I choose to work at a larger size with a higher dpi in order to retain crispness when it was reduced in size. This is a personal preference. I may modify it one more time in regards to the background glow behind the subtitle "Photo Manipulation Speed Paint".

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