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NaNoWriMo 2017 Prep

Preparing for the sprints | 2017/10/30

As Halloween looms, the beginning of NaNoWriMo also looms. My last attempt succeeded, but a book wasn't properly finished. However, the world is much more developed. So in the essence of NaNo (starting fresh with a new story), I will try to take a different character and write from their perspective and experiences. 

Now the character I want to pick is one I've written before, however, I've always felt that the start if her story was a bit off and where I was going with it, although decent, was too... "Romance-like". Now, I don't have anything against Romances as a genre in general. I just don't prefer to read them, and my skills I writing them are hampered by that lack. It is my understanding that you write best that which you read most.

I will reinvigorate my Patreon campaign(s) with this new content and will be offering the development bibles for both the world and the characters to Patrons Only - until they are completed. Then my Patrons will get a discount on the completed items, and the first chance to buy them if they so choose.

That said, the novel will focus on Tarra Gassner, sister to Roland, and a non-shape shifter. Her derth of spiritual energies made her unsuitable for the Bonding. However, those same skills make her a vital asset to her community and used for intra-community politics wrangling. She runs off to the city, terrified of her father (and she's always been a daddy's girl - so that's extra tragic), and finds her place with the werewolves there.

Her more rural lifestyle didn't prepare her for the city life, to be sure. Her special skills make her a target for more than one group of werewolves and other supernatural things. She's had to struggle to forge her own path, and yet she is still regulated to a second-class citizen among her people because she isn't a shapeshifter.

This leaves he open to being poached by other groups.

The question is... will she be able to maintain her honor code, or will she succumb?