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NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 9

PFTTT HAHAHAHA! | 2017/11/9

So I decided to do a little NaNoWriMo Calendar sort of thing. :) Simple enough design to mimic a not card, just square. This limits how long of a thing I can write on it, but the point is to track the day, my total word count, and a little bit of something highlighting the day. 

Since I only just started these, here's an art dump of the first group.

Day 1: Excitement and trepidation go hand in hand. Word Count 248.Day 2: Self-reproach fuels creative fires. I got this! Word Count 1274.Day 3: Digi-workshops, the Virtual Write-ins inspire and motivate! Word Count 4848.Day 5: Flight Rising NaNo Chat is a source of great inspiration! Word Count 10285.Day 6: Monday. I know why Garfield hates you! Word Count 10285.Day 7: Over-achieving ahead of time helps pad days you slack off. Word Count 11850.Day 8: When a fellow NaNo'er is a Med-student and so is your MC. heart. Word Count 14117.Work conspired against me as my lunch was itself eaten by spreadsheets. Word Count 16381.

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