What is a Wing-it?

Most commissioned artwork has stages. These stages have different speeds and work flow needs, depending on any number of different factors. A wing-it helps to stream line these stages and remove some of these factors in order to speed up production.

You allow an artist creative freedom, and get your work faster as well as a reduced overall cost.

You sometimes see these sorts of work at conventions, when artists sit their dealer tables and must concentrate on a number of things at once. They are trying to sell wares like prints, buttons, and other pre-made items as well as created(ordered)-on-the-spot original works. Detailed conversations or return clients that wish to discuss edits or changes interfere with their ability to sell other goods and services. Most customers understand this on a personal level, as no one wants to ‘stand in line’ for long – especially in a convention’s dealer’s room. That causes foot-traffic congestion for everyone.

So more often then not a simple ref sheet and a few detailed points a client wants considered is left, and it is then left to the artist to, well, ‘wing-it’.

Another example of wing-its are convention ID badges (read: conbadges). This is popular in the furry fandom as it helps people to ID each other from a distance. A badge showing their character or primary online ID (also know as a persona, fursona, ‘sona, handle, etc). These are quick-made miniature artworks that require little input (just a simple reference) from the client.


How does it differ from Regular Commissioned Work?

Regular commissions require several stages of consultation wherein the artist and the client discuss edits, corrections, adjustments, and such to a piece of work until it is done. This period of back-and-forth takes up most of the time a commission requires. Quick and concise communications speeds this process up, but the process itself still take time.

There are any number of reasons why this communication may falter or fail altogether. This can leave a work hanging in perpetual limbo. Missed consultation appointments, lack of returned emails, internet or power outages, and more  by either party may result in delays or even orphaned works.

A wing-it removes this stage of intense and detailed consultation. It is a risk on the client’s part, in this regards. However the reduced cost and speed of delivery may be worth it.




Fast Turnaround – (Half the time of a normal commission.)
Cheaper then Normal Commission – (About 10-30% cheaper.)
No Input – (References and general theme is good enough.)
No Edits – (Unless you have severely messed up the character!) (See my refund policies.)
Artist Creative Liberty – (Customer is trusting the artist.)
Clearly Explained – (Make sure your customer KNOWS this is a wing-it!)


Iron Artist – (Those are for practice, and in stacks of 10-100.)
Normal Commission – ( With wips, edits, input.)
Same Price as Normal Commission – (Less input = less time = less money.)
Auction – ( Typically auctions are pricey. Wing-its are meant to be cheaper due to flexibility.)
Your Character Here – (These defeat the purpose of a Wing-it as it removes the surprise.)
Adoption – (Again, defeats the purpose of a Wing-It.)


My Wing-it Prices

*Click on Image to see larger, more readable, sheet.*

Wing-it Visual Price Sheet

Note: Depending on time constraints and availability, I may offer other items in the form of Wing-its. If you wish to stay up to date on edits or  changes, please either bookmark this page and/or visit me on my Facebook Page.

Wing-it Request Form

Filling out this request form sends me a note that I review. If I have the space available, I will send you a note back. In this note I will advise you what my current queue status looks like, as well as the final price of the requested piece. Once this is finalized, I will send you an invoice. As soon as payment is received I add you to the queue.