Illustration Commissions

A purple dragon looks over her shoulder at a golden dragonfly.

So You Want to Commission Me?

I appreciate that you take the time to consider adding my work to your collection, thank you. It is more gratifying you would take an interest in requesting a special, unique, original piece of artwork. I do ask that you review my policies in full before you contact me about details or payment. I have a specific set of rules I follow, which also include US laws about what is and is not appropriate for graphical works of art. I appreciate it greatly if you do not ask me to go outside those boundaries.

My Prices are places at the bottom of this page to hopefully facillitate the reading of my policies. Please, make sure you understand my rights and your rights. Thanks.

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Illustration Commission Terms of Service


These terms of service specifically cover only the personal illustration commissions sold by Hope Bryant to individual persons. By requesting a commission from me (Hope Bryant) you are agreeing to abide by, and will be held accountable for, the rules listed herein, and the general policies of Drakenhart Studios. See Drakenhart Studios general Terms of Service for more information.

The below specifications and their following clarifications (if any) are to allow a transparency between myself and my clients. Clear communication is important to me.




  • I reserve the right to decline any commission/trade without citing a reason.
  • The transaction is between me and one [1] client per illustration commission.
  • I require written permission from the owners of every participating character.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to provide all necessary information, including but not limited to; details, color specifications, marking notations, and any special requests before commission is accept and payment(s) processed.
  • The queue priority is determined by; required deadlines, media cure/dry times, size of commission, scope of commission, complexity of commission.
  • Payment is accepted once a final agreement is reached and put into writing. This document is a legally binding contractual agreement.
  • You receive a limited number of revisions per work, determined by the type of work and the amount of labor that it requires.
  • Either party in this agreement may cancel the transaction at any time for any reason.


You may ask for a commission for someone else, be it as a gift, a surprise, a get well sentiment, etc. However, the contract agreement is between myself and the one who requested (and pays for) the artwork from me. Also, I require the permission of said individual’s character(s) especially if the characters have been written about in a story (prose, poetry, etc) prior to the request. See my Copyright and Usage policy for more information.

Reference sheets, descriptions, and as much detail as you are able to provide are required up front as that I may make a final call as to my ability to handle the commission request to the best of my ability. I will not accept any payment prior to verifying my acceptance to take the commission.


Some items are easier and faster to complete then others.
In some cases, like watercolor artwork, as one piece dries I am then able to work on other pieces. This simply means that in most cases I have multiple pieces under construction at the same time. Smaller pieces are created faster then larger ones. However, regardless of speed of individual pieces, if I have a deadline to meet then everything else is put on the side until that deadline is met.


  •  I will send you an invoice for payment, if payment is through paypal.
  • Do not just send me money willy-nilly I will return it.
  • Please wait for payment arrangements to be sent to you.
  • Payment of all transactions are based on US current values.
  • Prices under $50 are due up front, prior to the start of any work.
  • Prices over $50 require partial payment up front prior to the start of any work, and the rest upon completion of the work in question.
  • In the case of a canceled commission, client will receive a refund only for the portion of the work not finished.
I do accept payment plans for items over $50. However, if at anytime you cannot continue to pay for the commission, I have the right to cancel the commission.
Payment Options:
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order
  • Bank check (not a personal check)
  • Cash (face to face transactions only)
  • Dwolla
Future Payment Option Potentials:
  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin


  •  I reserve the right to cancel a transaction at anytime during the process, especially if the client is abusive or uncooperative.
  • Client may cancel a transaction at anytime during the process, but in doing so loses the any entitlement, right, or legal claim to the given artwork.
  • In the case of a canceled commission, client will receive a refund for the portion of the work not finished.


Being rude and unprofessional is the fastest way to a commission cancellation. You do not have the right to be unprofessional just because you are buying a service or product from me.
That said, cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons, and enacted by either party. Cancellations are hard on everyone, but they are a fact of life. You lose a service or product and I lose out on the income it might otherwise generate. As long as you, as the client, treat a cancellation with respect and understanding, there is no reason for me to deny it.
However, if you commission me multiple times and then cancel it multiple times, I may start to refuse work from you at all. I ask that you keep that in mind.
At any time a commission is canceled, I retain ownership of the property regardless of it’s state or level of completion. If you do not complete the sale, you do not get any product and any service being rendered is halted. To offset my losses, I may resell it, edit it, change it, or otherwise use to to my own whims.


At time of a cancellation you, as the client, may be entitled to a refund. This primarily depends on the extent of the work (labor charges) completed. If I am unable to complete a commission or it extends to a unreasonable amount of time, you may be entitled to a full refund based on the extent of the work completed.
To put it very clearly, client only receives a full refund if:
  • I cancel the commission prior to any actual work.
  • Something delays the commission for an unreasonable amount of time (based on commission details, queue length, position in queue, and complexity of the piece in question).
Refund amounts are calculated by subtracting the per hour rate against what has already been paid.
  • If there is any left over (a positive balance), that remaining amount is returned via PayPal, money order, or bank check.
  • If there is no positive balance (null) or a negative balance, no refund is given.
  • If there is a negative balance at time of cancellation, client is not responsible for the remaining amount – as I retain the right to the work thus canceled.


  •  Every commission includes a number of revisions depending on the complexity level requested. See the individual commission offers for details.
  •  Additional revisions will cost extra for the additional labor.

Small corrections are accounted for hourly, at a rate of $10.00 USD/hour (this is divided down if it is less then an hour). I can account for the time and send you a time sheet upon request.

A full scrap/redo will double the commission cost, so be sure you know what you want before requesting artwork.


  • I can work with a deadline as required by a client, for a surcharge.
  • Paying for an imposed deadline increase the priority of a piece, and bumps it above all other work (within reason).

If you require a piece to be completed by a certain time, this increases it’s priority. However, some commissions still take a short period of time, and I may be able to do them as well between waiting periods on yours. If your commission requires drying time, that time can be best used on someone else’s work.

Weeping Raven Doctor Who Parody

Subject Matter

  •  My personal characters, and the character created for my family, are not available to be included in commissions.
  • My general, non-personal characters are available upon special request and with additional payment for the additional character(s).
  • I will not create anything that violates US law in regards to subject matter (not even as political satire).
  • Certain themes and subject matter I am very uncomfortable with, this includes but is not limited to themes of extreme adult nature.
  • I have the right to reject any commission that breaches those personal boundaries.
  • You must be 18 years old to request any serious adult themes.
  • You must provide evidence of your age.

Weeping Angel LibertyThe personal characters of mine are part of my online identity. The same goes for any character I’ve created for my family (especially my kids) as a form of “identity protection”. These are not “role-playing characters” and thus are not available for use.

General characters, like my role-playing characters, or characters created for non-identity reasons, may be requested as an additional character in a commission.

Certain forms of adult entertainment are not subject themes that I am able to create for personal reasons. If you do not see it in any of my galleries, both this site and other off-site galleries, it is easy to assume that I may not make that form of art.

Ask me about my themes first. Please do not be offended or upset if I do not offer them as artwork.

My Style

  • I do my very best to make every commission the best of what I can produce.
  • I am not a copy artist. I do not have the capacity to “copy” art styles, although I can make an approximation of them. Often I use other art styles as a base and tweak them.
  • My style ranges from cartoon-y, to realistic.

What does this mean? Unless a commission is specifically for a super stylized, cartoon-like characterization, I will not purposefully flaw anatomy, perspective etc. as per client’s request. Make sure you specify if you want something more cartoon-like versus something more realistic.


As an added feature, I’d be happy to set a day/time to stream the artwork in progress.

I do offer broadcasting sketch events as well in a “pay as you can” format. These start with $2-5 digital sketches, with optional tips accepted.


Wing-it Commission Prices

A Wing-it, is a discounted artwork (as listed in the sheet below) that allows me creative freedom and increases the speed at which you receive the final work.


Wing-it Commissions are those that trade consultations for speed and creative freedom. I am given “free reign” and you get a piece more quickly.

Regular Commission Prices

These are my standard prices and offerings. I do update my sheets if I start offering something new, or as my skills improve significantly. Shipping is added to the price after I get an address. Smaller items I can send via regular post within the USA. Larger items or items going outside the USA will require a higher postage and thus shipping costs.

If is is a very important, or expensive piece, I would suggest also buying insurance to make sure it gets there – and if it doesn’t (goodness forbid) you are covered the loss. I don’t refund a piece due to foul ups through the postal service, as I am not responsible for them or their service. I will however help figure out what happened.

Regular Commission Price Sheet

Illustrated Convention Badge Commission Prices

These are popular among many fantasy conventions or cartoon expos. They are generally from 3×4 inches and up to 5×7 inches in size. They are either horizontal or vertical. They can be laminated, or left as “art-cards”. I also offer crocheted or standard commercial lanyards as well as an extra. Clips do not normally come with purchased badges due to shipping issues (they don’t fit into a flat envelope and jack the price up on shipping quite a bit).

Most badges can be shipped via regular postal mail in the USA, so I don’t add shipping to those. If it is outside the US, I have to charge postage along with the regular price of the badge.

Convention Badge Commissions