5 Tips for Success on Fiverr

Below I offer you five tips and suggestions on how to make money on Fiverr™. I’m always on the look out for more ways to boost income through Fiverr™ in truly ”white hat” methods.

So look for more!



1) Follow their Suggestions…

Fiverr™ started out as a simple, single job, basic payment scheme business. Eventually, as user input from both buyers and sellers rolled in, they expanded beyond their very simple roots. They now have users “levels”, which gives them a variety of bonuses like extra Gigs™ or increased sales profit per Gig™. If you visit the Levels page, you will see a brief explanation of this feature. Below that are steps to ensuring one becomes a “top rated seller”.

Follow them.

No, seriously. Follow them to the letter and you will find yourself on the fast track to becoming a Fiverr™ superstar! They are simple, to the point, and a great way of exercising your freelance muscles on smaller, less complicated jobs!

2) Customer Care is Vital!

I’ve been taught, all my life, that customer service is the way to go. I’m not talking Wally-World styled “customer service”. I’m not talking about the old-old-school style of, er.., “service” either. No, I mean good, considerate, thoughtful, customer care. What is this I’m talking about? That which doesn’t exist anymore in most major mega-corps? Yes, that thing you do where you actually give two flying rainbow unicorn poos about doing the job right, the first time, with your “happy face” on, please and thank yous added for flavor, and actually take into consideration the client’s needs over your own need for WoW time.

Yes. The REAL Customer Service!

Oh, and if you do mess up or have issues completing the task, own it. You messed up. Life kicked you in the pants. Your grandmother’s dog died. What ever it is that kept you from such a (minor) job, apologize, explain the situation (but don’t make excuses), and the Fiverr™ system does it’s thing. You’ll get smacked with a lower rating, but at least you’ll keep your dignity and your client’s respect.

Why is that important? Consideration breeds consideration, respect begets respect, and a customer that liked your offer in the first place might just return to try it again when you are in a better spot. When they do, do a gold-star rated level of your best work – that in itself is a personal thank you to them for coming back!

Why do this for such a minor micro-freelance niche style job? Why not?

3) Videos made the Fiverr™ Superstar!

Videos are important to Fiverr™ success. Featured Gigs™, getting customer attention, adding more information about your Gig™, letting people see you or your product/service, YouTube access to more potential clients, the list goes on and on.

Getting your Gig™ featured helps to draw more people in, but if you notice you generally see only Gigs™ with videos that have been picked as featured. Look under any given category and you will see all the offered featured Gigs™ have videos. Even if the Seller isn’t exactly a “top rated” seller, a Gig™ that is impressive is one that sports a video describing it’s content.

4) Uniqueness vs Needs

Do your research before offering Gigs™. Take a look under the categories that interest you personally. Check out the sub-categories that you may have a skill set, or an idea you think might sell. Use the search feature to see what is being sold, how popular the Gigs™ are, and if there is more Gigs™ then buyers (you can do this by check the first three or four Gigs™ that have similar offers and see if they have more then one or two buyers.)

What skills, products, or needs can you fulfill? Think in terms of needs. What would someone “need” in this digital age? What sorts of annoying, or small-time tasks could you take up to make someone else’s life simpler? What sort of skills do you have that would take a minimal amount of time on your part to accomplish. (For example: Some people are better typists then others. While other people have a knack for tweaking resumes that might take someone else hours upon hours to get “just right”.)

Do you have an idea you think is awesome – if so chances are it may only be “cool” to you and a small handful of people. How can you tell if your “cool” idea will be worth it to post  Gig™? Ask yourself how it can be used by businesses to promote, improve, or make the running of their business easier on them? If you can come up with a number of reasons why your idea will be helpful, then offer that in your description.

5) Quality of Service vs ROI

Yes, we all know it’s a task that you only get 4 dollars out of the five. That is enough to make a lot of people turn their noses up at the whole idea of mirco-freelancing. Some people even may shrug their shoulders at the quality of their work, and jury-rig something in two minutes rather then take some effort to make something nice.

First, the better quality service, product, or need fulfillment you offer, the more likely you will get clients buying your Gig™. This means more sales. More sales mean more money. As Ben Franklin noted that a penny saved is a penny earned – and anyone who has saved their pocket change to take to the bank (or coin counter machines) knows that can add up over time.

Second, the quality of service shouldn’t overwhelm you. It is only a small amount of money you get in return for your investment. Don’t let your ROI fail because you are overwhelmed. Some of the Gigs™ out there, like the full website design services for $5 makes me raise an eyebrow. You get what you pay for, and sellers get in return what they offer for the prices they allow.

Don’t undersell yourself, you’ll regret it in the end. Yet don’t cheat the client either, as it gives you a nasty reputation if you spurn enough people.