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Plugin Flowchart

Article header image for the Plugin Flowchart conflict locator.


As I was updating the files for my WordPress CMS, I double checked a few of the Plugins. This lead me to one of the creators main websites. He had created an interesting, and very helpful flowchart depicting the steps to determining Plugin conflict.

I share this with you in hopes that it is useful to you. If you have other interesting flowcharts, info graphics  or the like you think are helpful. Feel free to leave a link in the comments below!


Plugin Trouble Shooting Flowchart by scribu.

A New Way to Freelance
There are a myriad of ways online and off that someone can hawk their skills and services.  A new kid to the block, within the last year, is a micro-freelance service called Fiverr®. “Five – er” is how it is pronounced, and it’s such a simple concept as well as a name. Brilliant, I say!

Fiverr® is a unique freelance service where people can sell themselves for cheap – without selling themselves for cheap. From - an example of a very good Gig in terms of savings vs skill!The whole idea is based around the concept of “the odd job”. Now, to be clear, when I say “odd job” I’m talking about the old term of taking jobs that are not regularly occurring or career-like. They are not your typical 9-5 like jobs. Neither are these tasks typical for even short-term contractor type work. Even temp-jobs that last maybe a week or so really isn’t something one might consider the old stand by stereotypical ”odd job”. Nor are the the sort of freelance one might expect when one first thinks of freelance.


Odd Jobs?

No, what I’m thinking about in terms of “odd job” are the things we may have done as kids for our neighbors, like washing their dog. These types of jobs happen every now and again, like fixing a fence or washing laundry for someone the way Ma and Emmett Otter did. (Bonus Points for those who recognize the characters!) This job (or Gig® as they call it) can be anything as long as it doesn’t violate the TOS of the site. Amazing? More then that – it’s Brilliant!!

Some things people will do for Five Dollars even exceeds what I'd do for a Klondike Bar!However, that said – Fiverr® is full of truly “odd” jobs, weird offers, and downright different concepts that border the strange and unusual. Pretending to be a new love interest to someone you don’t know, video taping it, and posting it on someone’s “Faceblock” Wall is rather, well interesting .. But it gets more weird from there. I haven’t as yet found anything to make me question humanity’s ability to produce “stupid”… Yet. However, I’m certain it’s  out there somewhere as a form of marketing gimmick to promote, well, what ever someone is willing to pay five dollars to promote in that way! Seriously! Remember the old commercials of “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” Well this is 4 dollars worth of Klondike Bars! Yay! Fiverr® even has a Fun & Bizarre Category with a sub listing of “Extremely Bizarre”. So yes… “Odd jobs” in that sense also fits as a good description of what Fiverr® has to offer.

How Does It Work?

This basic concept of “simple, odd-job-like work offers” paired with a service that creates a money-safe alternative to straight freelance or commission sales (for cheap!), allows people to do small commissions for “a fiver” – or a five dollar bill. A small screen cap of Fiverr's front page Gig listings.This means the price is set, which makes it a bit different from some other freelance services where bids of different levels are offered to win the job or task. The site also keeps $1.00 as a fee from each listing and you get the rest. So rather then a percentage of your sales, or charging you a monthly membership fee (even if it is scaled from free to say “premium”), it is a flat rate. There is no registration fee either, it’s totally free!

The other difference from other freelance boards is that the potential “employee” offers the jobs they are able to do, rather then the potential employer. So it is more like a marketplace where people buy goods, services, etc, rather then an auction house.

Oh, for those copyright law dogs out there who might wonder about this kind of stuff, this is primarily a “work for hire” situation. The Buyer gains all rights to the work in question once it’s paid for and sent to them, unless there is a disclaimer or statement within the Gig® itself. So if you want any rights to your work for self advertising purposes, state it. The downside to this, there is a character limit in your Gig® description and instruction space. Also, Fiverr® does retain the rights to use any and all information, images, etc, in regards to finished Gigs® for their own self promotion purposes.

Screen cap of my payment screen on Fiverr.

Wait, did I say money-safe? Yes! That is another brilliant part of Fiverr’s® original plan. Fiverr® creates a gateway, or acts as a third party, between the client and the seller that is a buffer to limit fraud, non-payors, and general rip-offs! There are other freelance services out there that offer this sort of money protection, to be sure. I’m not saying that Fiverr® is the only company that offers something like this, far from it. It’s just another one of their services that makes this site so valuable a resource to freelancers.

The downside is that they use Paypal primarily as a pay-source, which adds an additional fee for the transfer of funds. They at one point had an option of buying within the site or having a Fiverr® payment card you could use on the site, but I’m not seeing that anymore.

Who Benefits and How?

Small businesses, start ups, students looking for live pro-level “practice” to increase their portfolios, people looking for work-at-home situations, and the like all benefit from this both as a buyer and a seller. Sellers get a little bit of pocket money on with simple effort (in most cases), and a lot of experience  For Designers and artist types they get the chance at developing wonderful portfolio items which could later launch them into a more profitable career. Buyers get deals, and I mean mega deals, on various services. A Seller can even improve their own personal Gig® quality by buying fellow Fiverr® Sellers’ products (like videos to market your work, advice, reviews and suggestions on how to improve Gig® quality, and more).

A Collection of Fiverr Gigs to help other Fiverr Sellers.

One example is general graphic design, which can range from about $30/hr on up depending on the experience and skill of the Designer. Banners, if they are from scratch, can take at least an hour or more. This covers not just the design of the banner itself, but searching for images, correcting color, photo-editing if needed, logo tweaking, and so on. Some places on Fiverr® are offering pro-level Graphic Design for five dollars!

Not to toot my own horn, but as an example my most popular Gig® is my 4 for 5 non-animated web ad banners offer. Yes, 4 banners in any standard size for $5.00! Would I charge this outside of Fiverr®? Never! There are costs involved that sometimes make this deal less suitable to my needs as a freelancer, and often they put me in the red (financial negatives) compared to what I bring in from sales. So why do it?

  1. Self-perpetuating self advertising.
  2. Practice. I need it in general to keep my skill set up to date and healthy.
  3. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin.
  4. Portfolio quality work sometimes pops up out of the many banners I’ve done.
  5. “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” – Ben Franklin.
These are just my personal top five reasons to sell on Fiverr®. I could go on, and on, and on, and on. :)
So go check it out, and don’t forget to breeze by my Profile. If you’d like to request a service that you do not see, you can always leave it in the handy side-bar Request Gigs® (in green) on Fiverr®. If you want me to do something special, message me – I might put up a Gig for it just for you! ;)

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